Psychological Services

Saan draws on evidenced based therapies in a natural setting and offers  CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and DBT as well as interpersonal and family systems therapies. Her therapeutic style is informed by mindfulness practices, relational therapies (e.g. Gestalt) and ecotherapy principles. 


Saan offers services across the lifespan for all ages. Saan specialises in supporting individuals dealing with minority stress and discrimination and has led international research in exploring the impacts discrimination on the mental health of LGBTIQ people and their allies. Saan also specialises in supporting mental health within regional and rural communities.

Saan will be offering psychological therapies from early 2021 in our delightful restored slab hut and the natural surrounds of Peakgrove where interacting with wildlife, nature and our resident herd offers opportunities to reflect and process outside the confines of office based therapy. As such sessions are suitable for individuals who struggle with office based therapy. 

Saan will also offers psycholgical services via telehealth.