Peakgrove Facilitators

Saan Ecker


Peakgrove Equine Assisted Experiences has been operating since 2011. We are certified equine assisted psychotherapists under OK Corral. Our clients come from around Australia and internationally.



Saan Ecker is a certified counsellor and has extensive individual counselling and group facilitation training and experience. 

Saan has completed a Diploma of Buddhist Psychotherapy and 


Saan Ecker has a lifetime of building relationships with horses, developing her own style of natural horsemanship. She is a trained teacher of mindfulness meditation and runs courses on mindfulness and the wise horse.  

Saan is a certified action learning coach under the World Institute for Action Learning and a systemic constellation facilitator (an approach to solving problems through exploring the relevant systems dynamics).

Saan has extensive experience and expertise in working with work teams and other issue based groups to assist with problem solving and team building. She offers groups and individuals new ways to see the issue of concern and helps to extend thinking beyond the thinking that created the problem using a range of holistic and systems approaches. Saan works from a philosophy that individual and family, community and global issues are linked and that a holistic view is needed.

Saan is an experienced researcher and has published research into the evidence base of equine assisted learning.


"The work both of you do is incredibly important and amazing. This workshop was one of the best things I have ever had the opportunity to do. I can’t wait to tell everyone about the incredible work you do and the beautiful horses you work with."