Organisational and Leadership

  Animals are the best teachers of human being!


I have led a team of 8 managers from my company traveling all the way from Taiwan to Australia for the 2-day Leadership Program organised by Peakgrove. It’s definitely worth it! Our teamwork has improved, the quality and the performance has been even better than before! My team has demonstrated much more space, compassion and respect for each other. They learn to appreciate every team member’s good news and bad news, support one another to call forth their unique qualities and special gifts. There is a good balance between relationship and challenge. They are more flexible and shift faster when they have to wear different hats to lead or to be led on different projects. We are even more aligned and solid on the shared vision and goals! We really enjoyed such a creative and inspiring way to learn more about each individual and the whole as a team. Such outside the box experience is unforgettable and really close to our hearts! We miss all the friends at Peakgrove! 


We are all interested in what Peakgrove can offer us in the advanced program!


(Emily Liu, Director of AsiaWorks Taiwan Limited)

In my experience executives, leaders and in fact all of us can benefit by growing and improving our self awareness, awareness of others and our understanding of the subtly of leadership and leadership communication. Enquiring into these concepts and skills with people in a normal development context is valuable -  but common practice.  Working on them with horses opens up a whole new world of experience, language and insight. It is a totally different and valuable way to experiment with the dynamics of forming and maintaining authentic and powerful relationships. The feedback horses give you is immediate and unequivocal. They offer a new, at times uncomfortable and extremely rich leaning environment. I highly recommend it.


(David Hanson, Director of the Asia-Pacific arm of the Nowhere Group, NZ)


Give your organisation the advantage of herd wisdom gained over millennia


For millennia, we have led horses. Now they are leading us to improve our leadership competency. Equine assisted learning facilities around the world are hosting corporate leadership training with horses. There are two important ways we can learn about leadership from horses. One is to work with them, especially on their terms (e.g. at liberty) and the other is to observe and understand what leadership means to the wild horse (domesticated horses are just wild horses in paddocks!). 

Working with horses on their terms has been documented to have increase emotional intellligence and leadership skills in humans. Horses respond honestly and provide in the moment feedback on every action we make, and every emotion we hold, helping us to become more aware of our effect on those around us. They provide us a great opportunity to develop our own leadership styles.

Observing how horses lead gives us insight into how we can do leadership differently. Compared to humans, horses have a more fluid heirarchy based on resources not power. A horse might assert dominance when there is a resource issue (e.g. feed time) but will shortly after play with the horse they dominated. This is like the CEO kicking back with the factory floor worker. Leadership decisions are shared in the herd. Speed, aggression, curiosity and super-sensitivity are all qualities that might put a horse in a leadership role. Compared to the more fixed and narrow roles in human organisations, the horse model of leadership is worth considering. 


Organisational groups are finding their way to Peakgrove to learn more about team building, relationship and leadership. Our organisational and leadership coaching with horses focuses on developing skills in awareness, communication, relationship and assertiveness. We offer a range of exercises proven in building both individual and team strengths. We also use exercises with horses which simulate real world problems being faced in organisational contexts, allowing for experiential learning and in situ problem solving. 





Sometimes its not until we come face-to-face with the incredible power and kindness of a horse that we discover how to really connect with something surprisingly powerful yet immensely kind within ourselves. Leadership development sesions at Peakgrove are particularly special in this way and they have helped me, along with several of my colleagues become a much better practitioner in my work.


(Dean Mason, Altus Q, Melbourne)

Receive feedback from the horses about your style of leadership, experiment in the arena and round yard with assertiveness, leadership and trust, enhance your understanding of group psychology and explore how to create an environment to enable challenging work to be done in a group situation.


Group experiences are available over half day, full day or 2 day workshops. Individual coaching sessions can be negotiated to suit your needs.


Thanks for referring me to Saan and Joanne. I spent last Wednesday afternoon receiving a most interesting experience. Wow, it was so powerful and insightful at the same time. They are very skilled and very present with both the horses and client. I highly recommended their work to my clients and social media contacts.


(Robert Kirby, Heart Centred Leadership, Sydney Australia)