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Organisational and Leadership



We offer support for organisations and teams to help with team building, relationship and leadership, dealing with stress, burnout and group conflict. We provide clinical supervision support  to teams which combines our counselling and leadership skills. Our organisational and leadership coaching focuses on developing skills in awareness, communication, relationship and assertiveness. We offer a range of exercises proven in building both individual and team strengths. We travel to work with groups in their locations, or offer workshops at Peakgrove and also provide support via video conferencing. We use exercises which simulate real world problems being faced in organisational contexts, allowing for experiential learning and in situ problem solving. We have developed a niche working with organisations dealing with high stress environments to assist organisations to overcome barriers to success and improve work satisfaction. 


I have led a team of 8 managers from my company traveling all the way from Taiwan to Australia for the 2-day Leadership Program organised by Peakgrove. It’s definitely worth it! Our teamwork has improved, the quality and the performance has been even better than before! My team has demonstrated much more space, compassion and respect for each other. They learn to appreciate every team member’s good news and bad news, support one another to call forth their unique qualities and special gifts. There is a good balance between relationship and challenge. They are more flexible and shift faster when they have to wear different hats to lead or to be led on different projects. We are even more aligned and solid on the shared vision and goals! We really enjoyed such a creative and inspiring way to learn more about each individual and the whole as a team. Such outside the box experience is unforgettable and really close to our hearts! We miss all the friends at Peakgrove! 


We are all interested in what Peakgrove can offer us in the advanced program!


(Emily Liu, Director of AsiaWorks Taiwan Limited)


In my experience executives, leaders and in fact all of us can benefit by growing and improving our self awareness, awareness of others and our understanding of the subtly of leadership and leadership communication. Enquiring into these concepts and skills with people in a normal development context is valuable -  but common practice.  Working at Peakgrove opens up a whole new world of experience, language and insight. It is a totally different and valuable way to experiment with the dynamics of forming and maintaining authentic and powerful relationships. They offer a new, at times uncomfortable and extremely rich leaning environment. I highly recommend it.


(David Hanson, Director of the Asia-Pacific arm of the Nowhere Group, NZ)


Thanks for referring me to Saan and Joanne. I spent last Wednesday afternoon receiving a most interesting experience. Wow, it was so powerful and insightful at the same time. They are very skilled and very present. I highly recommended their work to my clients and social media contacts.


(Robert Kirby, Heart Centred Leadership, Sydney Australia) 

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