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Equine assisted therapy


Therapy sessions using evidence based therapy techniques are offered at Peakgrove in the presence of horses for clients that are seeking alternatives to office based therapy. We have developed a style over the past 10 years providing and teaching equine assisted therapy and travelling around the world to learn from other practitioners that simply being in the presence of horses can bring benefits of emotional regulation, improved communication and mindfulness, as well as the joy that being in their presence and in nature brings. We do not "do" activities with the herd, no mounted or leading activities. Read our research paper here demonstrating the power of the presence of horses to help humans manage anxiety. "Effects of Short-Term Human-Horse Interactions on Human Heart Rate Var" by Saan Ecker and Amy Lykins (

Equine therapy goals at Peakgrove

  • SAFETY for people and horses

  • Emotional regulation, rest, peacefulness, patience

  • CONNECTION, bonding, belonging, team work

  • Communication skills, both verbal and non verbal signals, clearly communicating needs and identifying needs of the other

  • Boundaries, creating and respecting boundaries

  • WORTHINESS, self esteem, feelings of success, confidence

  • MEANING, making sense of the experience and how it can relate in the world

  • EMPOWERMENT, agency, purpose, choice, hope.

Equine Assisted Constellations
Systemic constellations explore new ways to look at our personal, work and family systems and allow the release and resolve of tensions within and between people. Soul connections, supports and entanglements can be observed through the setting up and revealing of constellations.  We and our participants have been amazed at the power of combining family constellations with equine assisted applications. Horses make authentic representatives in these systems, bringing insight and wisdom.

Organisational and Leadership

What does it take to lead a team, to lead an organisation? A horse leads through energy, inspiration and motivation.

Receive feedback from the horses about your style of leadership, experiment in the arena and round yard with assertiveness, leadership and trust, enhance your understanding of group psychology and explore how to create an environment to enable challenging work to be done in a group situation.

Organisational constellations with representatives including horses bring insight and practical wisdom to systems.


Mindfulness and the wise horse
Finding a way to experience stillness in oneself and learning how to be gentle with your own thoughts and emotions will support the conscious interaction with horses. In honing the ability to focus attention and be present, you will find common ground with the horse who knows only now. By not trying to achieve any tasks with your horse beyond awareness and presence, you will be surprised at what eventuates.


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