"For the reminder to live in the moment for the moment; breathing in; slowing down and being alert and attentive to my surroundings: ever watchful and fully engaged with those that support and honour me. The weekend leadership workshop... June 20th and 21st...Powerful, amazing and paying attention to the small things! To our facilitators Jo and Saan, generous thanks for your gifts to take a group of strangers and meld them into a well-established, functioning and forward planning visionary team! To our fellow floor workers, the stars of our show, the true Heroes who held our stuff and didn't laugh at us; the wonderful Peakgrove Equine non human community; who taught not to take ourselves seriously, who knew their own minds, who laughed at our manufactured chaos, and asked us to enter their space and live joyously in the moment, here and now fully present and alive, forget the past, stuff the future; here and now - now get your act together!!!! Generous hospitality, fun and frivolity...leaving with a few questions open to what may be..."

(executive officer, NSW)



“I have been meaning to write to you and say how great it was to meet you at the weekend workshop, and how valuable I found it. Lots of reflections and thoughts still happening, and changes galloping apace. SO, a big thanks to you and all the horses”.



“I'm really glad to have made it, most amazing wonderful and powerful experience ever. Extremely moving! I look forward to coming back for more!!! Totally amazing to spend the time with the horses and just such a nice area and such nice views and sooooo PEACEFUL!!!..” 


Participant Experiences

"The non-verbal language of the horses, together with their remarkably gentle and kind natures, taught me something special about intent. This constellations experience with the horses showed me that the quality of our intent is as important as its focus. Listening to the whole environment, the enormity of the field and all of its components, making observations and holding this intent to discern the truth no matter the outcome, are some of the ingredients of this quality. It was a major feature of Jo’s facilitation skill, and it was also something I gradually became more awake to as the exercise unfolded. To experience it in the context of ‘inter-species connectedness’ was thoroughly enriching and one I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to further deepen their own experience.  I gained such helpful insights through the horses’ representations and the process as a whole"

(executive coach, Victoria).



"I picked Nadia to work with because she seemed to me to be the scariest horse. I was so wrong she was wonderful - I just didn't know that until I got the chance to work with her. I am so glad I faced my fear and worked with her. Had I not I would have lost the chance of something magic."



“It is amazing how things I had thought forgotten came up and hence got sorted out in my head, rather than the things I thought would come up that now seem not such difficult things to overcome. I will never forget my constellations experience with you guys”.



“I have to tell you, your horses are in wonderful condition and their attitudes are a true indication of the positive lifestyle they lead (mentally and emotionally as well as physically). It was such a delight see this and a real credit to you. Keep up the great work”.

“I’m still raving to anyone who’ll listen about the day and I rate it as one of the perfect days I’ve had in my life – nothing could have made it better
really. Incredible experiences with the horses, a lovely group, and amazing facilitators! Would love to do another workshop that is similar so will keep an eye on your website”.



“I had a fabulous time with the horses last weekend and continue to be fascinated at how they so successfully represented the human species!” 



"This workshop is all about focus, making a connection with the horse and building on this relationship with mutual trust and respect.  It is about recognising and acknowledging the subtle and not so subtle body language of the horse and the emotion this represents whilst also taking notice of what is happening for you in your body and with your emotions.  Focus is critical in the exercises you do with the horses.  Once you have taken the time to build a relationship with the horse they are extremely intuitive to your needs.  They just need you to focus on what you want them to do so that they have a clear direction to follow.…mindblowing!! All that you learn whilst working with the horses can be related to how you deal with situations and interactions with other people.  I did not realise what I was actually learning at the time, but on reflection I was amazed at how these techniques can be applied to our own relationships and sense of self.  I have improved maintaining my focus and I have learnt or rediscovered a lot about myself and the way I manage my relationships. I would like to say a huge thankyou to Saan and Joanne, who provided us with a safe and nurturing environment.  They were patient and allowed us time to work through any issues that arose.  This was demonstrated by their flexibility in adapting the exercises to suit our individual needs.  For me, this was a thoroughly worthwhile and incredible experience"

(ACT non government organisation).