Peakgrove offers equine assisted experiences customised for individual, couples, families and groups.  Take time out, visit nature, join the herd and create a memory you will never forget.
Peakgrove Equine Assisted Experiences are being used 


  • to develop confidence and leadership skills

  • to enhance relationship skills

  • as a joyful family experience

  • with school kids exploring relating and communicating

  • to work with trauma, depression and anxiety

  • to build heart connections

  • to build stronger bodies through physical therapy

  • with special needs clients building connection 

  • as professional development for therapists



Experiences for Groups
Many groups are finding their way to Peakgrove to learn more about relationship, team building and leadership. Groups benefiting from this include existing teams wanting to explore further cohesion and build potential. Alternatively, newly formed groups can begin the journey of becoming an effective team through equine assisted experiences.
As well as organisational teams (see organisational and leadership page), special interest groups (e.g. volunteer groups, diversity or minority groups, school groups) are strengthening connections from working together at Peakgrove. We offer a range of exercises proven in building both individual and team strengths. 
Customised constellation workshops are available for groups of 3-6. Together we will explore each person's system. Representatives will be drawn from the group of people and the herd of horses as we make a living map revealing hidden dynamics.