As well as being certified equine assisted psychotherapists, we bring many years of experience in other modalities. These both complement and shape our way of working together with the horses.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy has three main theoretical constructs.They are relationship and connection, phenomenology - a method to unfold truths through describing and exploring direct experience and field theory - where you fit in the world and how you are influenced or influencing this world. Gestalt therapy assists and complements equine assisted experiences very well.

Buddhist Psychotherapy

Buddhist Psychotherapy utilises the buddhist perspective on how the mind works to help people better understand and resolve their issues. Borrowing on the foundations of mindfulness and compassion, it aims to assist people to develop reflective skills, calm the mind and understand interconnection, minimise suffering and create happiness.


Saan has completed Psychology (Honours). The work at Peakgrove is informed by the constucts of both human and animal psychology. Research studies have been undertaken at Peakgrove into the effectiveness of equine assisted therapy. 

Action Learning

Action Learning values the role of enquiry and questioning in problem solving to a greater extent than most styles. In taking a questioning approach rather than using what is already known or assumed in a group, a new way to approach the problem is determined by the group.

Family and Systemic Constellations

More than 30 years ago, Bert Hellinger noticed patterns and developed a method whereby hidden dynamics in a system could come to light.  We use the diversity of the group, or horses to represent parts of your system. The system that we explore can be family, social, internal or organisational.By using constellations a new picture can develop, judgements can fall away as you see the journey of another member, a sense of belonging can be gained and access to the love existing in the family unit can be found. 

“Saan and Joanne have done an amazing job of bringing together their different trainings, interests and experience into this powerful approach ..... I was left in awe at the depth and insightfulness of this approach. I would go back again to do more work with them and their wonderful horses....and again.."