Family and Systemic Constellations Training 


Specialising in equine - assisted constellations


At Peakgrove, we have been running Family Constellations with our Herd for 7 years now and are constantly amazed at the power of this method in this setting. 


What makes this training special?


Learning Processes

This course will be taught experientially.  This is a highly interactive training course.


Each training day will consist of:

Personal constellations (which could involve family, work or abstract concepts)

Practice constellations done as a group

Reflections and discussions on the theory of constellations method 


Inclusion of the Herd

This course will be conducted at Peakgrove Farm. The Peakgrove Herd of 7 Arabs, 3 ponies and a miniature horse will be an integral part of the training in developing your facilitation skills to read the field, to develop your phenomenological stance and to release your creative energies. You will have many opportunities for both your own personal development and your development as a facilitator. 


The training will include:


Family Constellations Method

family constellation process

orders of love
family conscience
inclusion (people and events)

balance in giving and receiving

the knowing field

the basic phenomenological stance

hidden loyalties

healing statements / resolutions


Facilitations skills development

Personal skills including awareness of own family system and your therapeutic posture

group process
contact with the client
how to start a constellation

making choices during the process

movements towards resolutions

closing the constellation


Systemic Constellations explored

equine - assisted constellations

nature constellations
structural systemic constellations 

organisational constellations

constellations for individuals and couples



Who is this for?

People who have a background in therapy and healing such as counsellors, teachers, social workers or health professionals. It will give participants the foundational skills to include systemic constellation work in their chosen field. Equine assisted facilitators will especially benefit from this training. 

This is a learning journey that you will embark on that requires a committment to yourself and the group. Certificate of attendance will only be issued upon completion of the 10 day intensive.


Recommended reading :

Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work In Relationships—Bert Hellinger


I have a huge range of books that will be available to peruse or borrow so you can find the books that best suit your style or interest in Family and Systemic constellations.