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In Family and Systemic Constellations, we’re interested in exploring people’s entanglements with other members of their system. More than 30 years ago, Bert Hellinger noticed patterns and developed this method. He shows that love is at work behind all human behaviour and by using this method, a living map emerges that makes visible the hidden dynamics that could cause entanglements or blocks.


Hellinger identified underlying needs in the system
1 The need to belong - that is for bonding
2 The need to maintain a balance of giving and taking - that is for equilibrium
3 The need for the safety of social convention and predictability - that is for order. 


Dynamics can sometimes be carried through many generations without awareness. This can result in blocks or entanglements which can surface as difficulties between members of the system. They can also contribute to other complications like illness, addictions, mental health issues and negative patterns in our life.


We use the diversity of the group and the herd to represent members of your system. By using Constellations a new picture can develop with more information. Systemic constellations explore new ways to look at our personal, work and family systems and allow the release and resolve of tensions within and between people. Soul connections, supports and entanglements can be observed through the setting up and revealing of constellations.


Equine Assisted Constellations



Peakgrove Solutions offer a teaching session that is truly game changing. If you've ever heard a client say, "This horse reminds me of my [mother/brother/father/spouse]", there may be more to that than just imagination.


Comments from the Healing with Horse Tele Summit 2016


The first phase of a constellation involves identifying persons who belong to a system and events that have an effect on the system. This is done by way of an interview. Representatives are chosen for certain people, events or concepts. It is the combination of the client’s information, the reactions of the representatives and the visual images of the constellation that indicate the search for resolutions.


Horses or people are chosen to represent a part of the system.

The most important instruction for representatives is that it is not about their thoughts. It is vital to pay attention to their bodies, their feelings, their impetus for movement and in particular to their instinctive social reactions to other representatives. 


The second phase involves a search for an image of systemic balance and resolution with love. 


It has the potential to touch us on a soul level, healing past wounds and leading to real and sustainable changes in our lives.




This session will take your understanding of your horses, and the very concept of SENTIENCE, to another level. If you are committed to making the world a better place, and if you are willing to cross whatever frontiers that commitment asks of you, this will be the session to take you there. 


Comments from the Healing with Horse Tele Summit 2016


Purchase the Tele Summit teaching session by Peakgrove


Why horses make good representatives



Horses have 17 discrete facial movements indicating mood or intention


Horses have fewer pre-conceptions so provide more real time information


Everything that creates relationship helps heal

Horses provide the truth in a way that people can’t deny


Horses live the group experience


Horses can access energetic information from the knowing field


Horses are experts in non-verbal communication


Horses are highly perceptive to changes.


Receiving love can be easier through a horse’s eye than a human’s eye.


Horses have highly developed peripheral awareness

Horses remain fully present in the moment


Horses understand belonging, maintaining a balance of give and take and the need for order 

Customised Constellation workshops at Peakgrove

Customised constellations workshops for groups of 3-4 people. We will journey together to explore the varying systems of each member of the group. Peakgrove Herd will join us as representatives as we discover the hidden dynamics that can play out in families, organisations and different systems.
Expect the workshop to run for approximately 4 hours including a break for some nourishing food.

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